Shaker and Dazastah have done studio work for artists and feature artists including;

Syllabolix, Psych Ward,  Hyjak, NFA, Seth Sentry, Maundz, Raven, SMOG, Mouf, Drapht, Downsyde, The Tongue, Pez, Apathy (US), Mantra, Purpose, Matt Gresham, Illy, Grandmaster Caz (US), Copywrite (US), RA The Rugged Man (US), Solomon Child (US), Chino XL (US), A.G. (US), Optimystic, Keith Murray (US), Krazy Drayz (US), Mr Cheeks (US), Rockness Monsta (US), Doitall (US), Gangstarr Foundation (US), Rustee Juxx (US), Sean Strange (US), ONYX (USA), Mystro (UK), Block Mcloud (US), The Engineer (Canada), Chase, TY (UK), Sonny Jim (UK), Jam Baxter (UK), Guru, Hunter, Clandestien, Layla, Pegz, Task Force, Matty B, Brad Strut, Hilltop Hoods, Grevis, Complete, Briggs, Funkoars and many others.

Shareef – “Working in the studio with Rob is possibly the easiest part about making music. He’s professional, polite and the end product is on point. Also, studio dog! What more could you want?”

Percuss – “Rob has set himself up a small studio with a great sound. But it’s not about the size or the sound, these things are achievable anywhere. It’s about the person you’re working with, it’s about feeling comfortable.”

Soma – “I have recorded in lots of studios in Perth over the years but I always go back to Shake Down. Rob has a level of professionalism that brings out the best in you, at the same time it is a relaxed environment and is the most comfortable recording environment which I have been in in Perth, which is why I keep coming back. Highly recommended.”

Charley Caruso – “So I came to record Hip Hop and came back with Disney kids! ahaha! No matter what I throw at this guy he has got it DOWN! (Really boss at working with kids btw!) Great studio, comfortable and friendly, easy to get in the zone. So professional and fast! Thank you for everything!”

Sever – “It’s good to work with someone that isn’t just a good producer and dj, but also understands music in the mind of and artist and can implement that into working along side with you to produce a professional quality sounding finished piece of art.”